Picture This

This blog is written by Erin Johnson, (teacher in the RET program), Azin Saberiand Jackie Herzberg (students in the young scholars program) and is part of their program activities. 

This week, Erin, Azin, and Jackie took a deep dive into data collection and analysis. After looking at their data collected from last week, the team determined that more trials were needed using technology that would better capture movement. Therefore, Braden Li, Ph.D. student from Dr. Jur’s lab, showed them how to heat press velcro onto a garment as motion tracking markers.

Jeremy from Dr. Lobaton’s lab, then also taught the team how to correctly calibrate the ten cameras in the ASSIST motion capture lab. The cameras use infrared lights which reflect off of the silver-tipped velcro marks and back to the camera to track any movement.

Using the OptiTrack program, the student-teacher team is now learning how to process the data. Their goal is to find out which shirt best minimizes the motion artifact. They anticipate the shirt with the mesh side panel to take the lead and are looking forward to next week’s results.