Testing Begins

This blog is written by Erik Schettig (teacher in the RET program) and Dylan Overton (student in the young scholars program) and is part of their program activities.

During week 2 of their 6-week summer research program, participants working under the supervision of Dr. Michael Lim researched various wearable device projects as well as time applying design practices. Last week, the team printed 3D cases for their wearable device but identified some areas of improvement. This week, Erik and Dylan finished fitting boards into such 3D cases. The next step will be testing these boards.

In addition, the team toured lab spaces where assembly and programming test boards of project occurs within ASSIST. These labs house a combination of parts a board would require. This includes resistors, sensors, power devices, LEDS, and many more. The lab also included various tools needed to effectively assemble and test boards. The main tools were various soldering tools, power supplies, and measurement devices. 

After touring the lab, the group participated in solder training and tested the newly build board for a team designing wearable device dog collars. These collars are designed to monitor various factors (audio level, movement, temperature, pressure, and light levels) to identify how certain elements can impact guide dog training. The group conducted tests on three devices inside the MRC building and outside on NC State’s campus.