Movin’ On Up

This blog is written by Erin Johnson, (teacher in the RET program), Azin Saberi, and Jackie Herzberg (students in the young scholars program) and is part of their program activities. 

Week 2 is off to a great start in Dr. Jur’s lab! The young scholars and RET (Research Experience for Teachers) team worked with Ph.D. student Braden Li who explained and modeled the different processes and goals that the team will be researching over the next few weeks. Braden answered many of their questions and explained why and how sweat produces a better signal. Further, he clarified which of ASSIST’s partner universities focus more on the electronics research of the ECG wearable shirt. Finally, Braden addressed why silver chloride is the preferred kind of ink chosen over any other types.

Ultimately, Erin, Azin, and Jackie found out more information about their specific data analysis goals they will be working on this summer. Those are: 1) range of motion and 2) frequency of motion. During the summer, the student-teacher team’s focus is on quantifying the operating range of the wearable. Overall, the skills and information gained during their summer research program will help them immensely as they build their own wearable devices and participate in next year’s wearable device challenge held in the spring of 2020.