Teacher Resources

ASSIST wants to help teachers easily implement the Wearable Device Challenge across the state of North Carolina, while providing an incredible learning opportunity for students! In order to help teachers administer these projects, ASSIST has created a device library. If your school is participating in the Wearable Device Challenge and you need devices and/or materials for your students to use, you can rent them through our website using the form below.

Lesson Plans

Instead of having to create lessons to start this challenge in your own classroom, we have designed lessons based around the North Carolina standards for curriculum in both high school and middle school. There are five categories that students need to be familiarized with to complete the competition. These categories are:

  1. The One Health Concept
  2. The Engineering Design Process
  3. Sensors
  4. Platforms and Programming
  5. Energy Harvesting

Within each of these categories you can select your desired discipline and content area for a corresponding lesson.

Helpful Links

Device Rental

Teachers can use this form to request kits, sensors, tools, and other supplies from the ASSIST Center for the purposes of completing Wearable Device Challenge prototypes and models.