Translational Engineering Skills Program (TESP)

A group of graduate students at a TESP workshop.

The Translational Engineering Skills Program is one of the pillars of the ASSIST Graduate Education Program. Its goal is to teach strategic skills that cannot be learned in a classroom, yet are essential to students’ development as creative, adaptive, and effective engineers in the global economy.

ASSIST’s unique Translational Skill Set contains seven primary skill blocks:

  • Systems Thinking
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Industry and Manufacturing
  • Mentoring, Teamwork, Leadership
  • Communication
  • Engineering Ethics
  • Diversity Awareness

Each skill block contains a series of unique activities including:

  • Patent Mining Sessions
  • Medical Observerships
  • Journal Manuscript Editing/Review
  • Systems Mind Mapping
  • Diversity Workshop
  • Creativity/Innovation Workshop
  • …and many more!

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