Translational Engineering Skills Program (TESP)

The Translational Engineering Skills Program is one of the pillars of the ASSIST Graduate Education Program. Its goal is to teach strategic skills that cannot be learned in a classroom, yet are essential to students’ development as creative, adaptive, and effective engineers in the global economy.

ASSIST’s unique Translational Skill Set contains seven primary skill blocks:

  • Systems Thinking
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Industry and Manufacturing
  • Mentoring, Teamwork, Leadership
  • Communication
  • Engineering Ethics
  • Diversity Awareness

Each skill block contains a series of unique activities including:

  • Patent Mining Sessions
  • Medical Observerships
  • Journal Manuscript Editing/Review
  • Systems Mind Mapping
  • Diversity Workshop
  • Creativity/Innovation Workshop
  • …and many more!

Never miss a workshop.

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