ASSIST Undergraduate Students to receive Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships

Every year, ASSIST rewards selected undergraduate students with the opportunity to partake in the Summer REU program. This program enables students to experience various aspects of university research by partnering with a faculty mentor based on their interests. During this 10-week program, they work on various research projects and present their final work at a student symposium at the end of the summer.

Research Experience for Undergraduates

On this day last year, we welcomed 11 REU summer students to ASSIST. Since students are not yet permitted on campus this year due to COVID-19, we awarded nine Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships to current ASSIST undergraduate students who will be working remotely on a variety of projects. Students will be working over two summer sessions between May 4 and August 7. Just like last year, program participants will present their final work at a research symposium upon program completion.

Meet the Students

  • Josh Wilson is working with Dr. Daniele on a point of care sensor systems for detection of neurotherapeutics.
  • Nikolas Mihaliak is working with Dr. Dickey on a comprehensive review of printable stretchable electronic materials.
  • Alex Kline is working with Dr. Pavlidis on a multi-channel potentiometric read-out testbench to facilitate sensor testing. 
  • Jennifer Fang is working with Dr. Velev on data analysis and simulation for the sweat collection platform. 
  • Brendan Thompson is working with Dr. Bozkurt on embedded code for an optical sensor module for Tissue Oxygenation monitoring. 
  • Emily Summers is working with Dr. Bozkurt on remote deployment of smart wearables for dogs.  
  • Sydney Richmond is working with Dr. Misra and Dr. Lee on data analysis and machine learning algorithms for ASSIST’s gas sensors. 
  • Furkan Kose is working with Dr. Jur on utilizing machine learning principles for the development of smart garment systems. 
  • Tashana Flewwellin is working with Dr. Jur on data analysis towards publication of previously gathered data from the SAP platform.