Love of Learning

This blog is written by Erin Johnson, (teacher in the RET program), Azin Saberiand Jackie Herzberg (students in the young scholars program) and is part of their program activities. 

The young scholars and RET (Research Experience for Teachers) team finished up their last week with the ASSIST Center. Overall, they were amazed by the offerings of impactful learning experiences, including two seminars that are directly related to the team’s work in Dr. Jur’s lab.

The first seminar titled “Thermoelectric Harvesting” was presented by Dr. Mehmet Ozturk, Professor and Deputy Director of the ASSIST Center. The second seminar was about “Textile and Apparel Functional Design for Soft Wearable Robotics.” It was presented by Diana Wagner, Senior Functional Apparel Designer at Harvard’s Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering.

Azin, Jackie, and Erin also took on a tour of the Research Triangle Nanotechnology Network labs and learned about the latest nanotechnology research and equipment. As the team finishes up their summer program, Dr. Jur and Braden Li, Ph.D. student, provided guidance for how to create an engaging scientific research poster. They presented their research results at ASSIST’s Summer Research Symposium on July 26!