It’s Lit!

This blog is written by Erin Johnson, (teacher in the RET program), Azin Saberiand Jackie Herzberg (students in the young scholars program) and is part of their program activities. 

The young scholars and RET (Research Experience for Teachers) team learned so much during their third week with Dr. Jur’s lab. Azin, Jackie, and Erin took a tour of Wilson College of Textiles and were pleasantly surprised when they got to see the infamous PyroMan. During their tour, PyronMan was not set on flames but the student-teacher pair hopes to see that during an actual testing session one day.

Once back in Dr. Jur’s lab, they began collecting data to see which of the three ECG shirts worked best in maintaining strong contact between the electrodes and the skin. Since the three shirts are made out of different materials, each shirt’s range of movement was tested using the front and side-arm movements.

Braden Li, PhD student, modeled the three garments while Azin, Jackie, and Erin marked the shirt and took pictures to measure movement. Braden showed them how to use the ImageJ problem which uses the pixelation of each picture to help plot measurements as he moved his arms in increments of 45 degrees. This allowed them to calculate the movements of each marker for each range of movement. Finally, they walked over Hunt library and learned how to use the Origin Program in to create aesthetically pleasing graphs to go with their measurements.

Azin, Jackie, and Erin finished off their research for this week by comparing the ECG signals with the graphs they created. For next week they plan on confirming what their data shows with more trials.