ASSIST Summer Participants Meet the Environmental Sensors Team

This blog is written by Sarah Holmes (teacher in the RET program) and Samantha Foust (student in the young scholars program) and is part of their program activities.

ASSIST is excited to welcome their 2019 Research Experience Teachers and Young Scholars to their six-week summer program. The teacher-student pair working under the supervision of Dr. Veena Misra and Dr. Bongmook Lee on environmental sensors met with their postdoctoral research fellow, Farzad Mohaddes, along with doctoral, graduate, and undergraduate students. They learned more about their work and took a tour of their facilities. Later this week, the team met to discuss their summer project in greater details. In addition, Sarah and Samantha learned about the significance of frequently publishing scientific which also includes selecting the appropriate venue to connect and share with the right audience to spread one’s research in a timely manner. The teacher-student duo is looking forward to learning from this experienced group of researchers and scientists.