ASSIST Students take home 1st and 2nd Place at ECE Senior Design Day

ECE Senior Design Day is hosted by NC State University’s Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE). The event is held every semester, showcasing student projects. This year’s spring Senior Design Day took place on April 26 at the McKimmon Conference & Training Center.

Sponsored by Dr. Elena Veety (ASSIST) and Mr. Bobby Compton (ECE Faculty), Corey Ellis, Michael Tran,
Abdulla Alblooshi , and Shawn Allred took home second place with their EKG monitoring armband.

Winning first place, Jaylon Alexander, Matt Sabo, William Haskins, Chris Yu develop a self-powered, wearable cycling monitor for the leg that tracks a cyclist’s cadence and ride time in a more environmentally friendly manner. Their project was mentored by Dr. Elena Veety (ASSIST) and Mr. Bobby Compton (ECE Faculty).