Wound Healing

ASSIST wound healing patch.

Chronic wounds affect approximately 6.7 million people in the U.S., with annual costs exceeding $30 billion. Ineffective management of these wounds can delay healing, leading to increased complexities. Amidst the repeated visits to the clinic, a delay in medical attention may lead to chronic tissue damage or possibly amputation of an affected limb. Continuous wound monitoring is a challenge, with present wound monitoring techniques being largely optical-based.

ASSIST is developing novel smart dressings for real-time wound monitoring. The smart dressings monitor the patients’ wound severity, correlating progression through its healing stages. This approach can help facilitate proper treatment and therapeutic efficacy, while continuing to provide current standard of care through: 

  • Non-invasive flexible sensors on wound dressings for long-term user comfort.       
  • Multi-modal sensing approach enabling correlation of health parameters to wound healing efficacy