Self-Powered ECG Armband

Electrocardiogram (ECG) measurements are routinely performed by doctors and reveal one’s heart health. In the hospital or doctor’s office there are up to 12 electrodes placed on the body and bulky monitoring equipment is used to capture the heart’s signal.

Short term portable monitoring has also been introduced for patients to take home, however there is not a compact and comfortable long-term solution. ASSIST is developing alternative form factors for long-term wearable ECG monitoring to predict and prevent cardiac episodes in patients of all types. 

The 12 electrodes has been reduced to only 3 electrodes and maintains high quality ECG signal that can be transmitted wirelessly to a smart phone or other connected devices. Due to the focus on long-term wearability, ASSIST is developing more user-friendly and comfortable form factors like the ECG armband instead of traditional Holter monitors. No more electronics boxes hanging from the neck or complicated electrodes placed on the body. The ECG armband gives a high quality cardiac signal in a form designed for everyday activities.