ERC Engineering Workforce Development, Diversity and Culture of Inclusion, Evaluation, and Student Leadership Workshop


  • November 9, 2020
  • 1pm – 5pm EST, 12pm – 4pm CST, 11am – 3pm MST, 10am – 2pm PST
  • November 10, 2020
  • 11am-3pm EST, 10am-2pm CST, 9am-1pm MST, 8am-12pm PST


Please check back for additional details and updates as we get closer to the event.

SessionDescriptionStart Time (EST)Duration
Welcome & IntroductionWelcome and orientation to the goals and expectations of the event.1:00 PM30 min
KeynoteInvited Speaker: Dr. Calvin Mackie1:30 PM45 min
Break2:15 PM15 min
Center UpdatesLightning round of 2-minute updates from each ERC, prior to Poster Session Breakout.2:30 PM30 min
Poster Session Breakout rooms for poster presentations/small group discussions with representatives from each ERC.3:00 PM45 min
Break 3:45 PM15 min
NSF PanelPanel discussion with NSF representatives focusing on a vision for cross-ERC collaborations and pathways to self-sufficiency.4:00 PM45 min
Wrap-up4:45 PM15 min

SessionDescriptionStart Time (EST)Duration
WelcomeOrientation to goals and expectations for Day 2. 11:00 AM15 min
Conference BreakoutSESSION 1: Culture of Inclusion Focus
– NEWT Student Led Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives in a Virtual World, Tanya Rogers
– PATHS-UP: Creating Multiple Paths to an Inclusive Community, Theresa Chatman
– Frameworks to Promote Student-led Initiatives for Center-Wide DCI, Andrew Kim
– Measuring Culture of Inclusion, Lindsey McGowen
SESSION 2: K-12 Outreach Focus
– Afterschool Engineering: “Natural Disasters and Geotechnical Engineering”, Paige Wheeler
– Engaging a diverse set of K-12 students in neuroengineering research, Mahasweta Sarkar
– CISTAR at Home: Keeping STEM Exciting Virtually, Jerry Crum
SESSION 3: RET and Professional Development Focus
– Fostering multi-year partnerships with STEM educators through a Research Experience for Teachers program, Kristen Bergsman
– Facilitating a virtual RET and online professional development series, Matt Johnson
– Outcomes of teacher self efficacy to teach engineering through our NEWT PD program, Carolyn Nichol
SESSION 4: University Education Focus
– A New Model: Engaging More African American Undergraduate Researchers by Recruiting NSBE SEEK Mentors, Maeve Drummond and Denise Driscoll
– Tales from a multi-campus REU, Pam McLeod
– Using nanoHUB to support ERC communities and share best practices, Tanya Faltens
11:15 AM60 min
Break12:15 AM10 min
WorkshopsParticipants will choose from the following:
 – Including individuals with disabilities in engineering, Sheryl Burgstahler and Scott Bellman
 – Becoming an Effective and Inclusive Mentor, Denise Driscoll
 – Common Evaluation of ERC Education and Diversity Programming, Jean Larson, Megan O’Donnell, Wendy Barnard, Kristi Eustice, Adam Carberry, Michelle Jordan
12:25 AM60 min
Networking BreakParticipants are encouraged to engage in an interactive networking session1:25 PM20 min
Self-Sufficiency IntroIntroductory instructions prior to breakout rooms 1:45 PM10 min
Self-Sufficiency Breakouts Small group discussion with ERCs from the same “class”.1:55 PM20 min
Self-Sufficiency InstructionsInstructions prior to transitioning to second set of breakouts2:15 PM5 min
Self-Sufficiency BreakoutsSmall group discussions pairing ERCs of different generations to share best practices.2:20 PM25 min
Wrap-upClosing Remarks2:45PM15 min

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Additional Logistics, Templates, and Instructions

We will primarily use the Hopin platform for this event. Check out this brief Youtube video to familiarize yourself with the platform prior to the event.

For any questions or concerns, please email us at

On behalf of all the workshop organizers, we thank you for your engagement and participation in this event, and look forward to seeing you all on November 9th and 10th!

Organizing Committee:

Elena Veety (ASSIST), Jennifer Chandler (CBBG), Kristi Eustice (PATHS-UP/NEWT), Lindsey McGowen (CELL-MET), Pamela McLeod (ReNUWIt), Theresa Chatman (PATHS-UP/NEWT), Denise Dricsoll (CISTAR), Jean Larson (CBBG), Jessica Perez (POETS), and Megan O’Donnell (CBBG)