ASSIST Year 10 Industry Meeting

Via Zoom, March 1-2, 10am – 2pm each day

All employees from our member companies are invited to attend. Non-member companies are not included this year.

Zoom links and calendar invitations have been issued – if you did not receive links for both days, please contact Karen right away.

For any questions regarding this event, please contact Events + Communications Coordinator, Karen Shore.

We will include talks and demos from faculty and students, highlights from member companies, and some networking.


Tuesday, March 1
10:00a11:00aYear in review and view ahead
11:00a12:00pResearch updates: Biochemical & Environmental Sensing
– Biochemical sampling, Sweat & ISF: Orlin Velev
– Biochemical sensing, NpY: Spyros Pavlidis
– Biochemical sensing, C-Reactive Protein: Amay Bandodkar
– Biochemical sensing & energy harvesting, Glucose & lactate: Koji Sode
– Gas sensing: Veena Misra
12:00p12:45pLunch & collaborative project
12:45p1:45pResearch updates: Harvesting, Storage, Biochemical Sensing (cont.)
– Thermoelectric energy harvester: Mehmet Ozturk
– Soft mechanical energy harvester: Michael Dickey
– Piezo/flexoelectrics harvesting and gait: Shad Roundy
– Supercapacitors: Ram Rajagopalan
– Biochemical sensing, Glucose & lactate: Michael Daniele
1:45p1:55pCompany highlight: SAS
1:55p2:00pDay 1 wrap-up
Wednesday, March 2
10:00a10:10aDay 2 kick-off
10:10a10:50aResearch updates: Electronics & E-Textiles
– Ultra low power electronics: Ben Calhoun
– Ultra low power radios: Dave Wentzloff
– E-textiles: Amanda Myers
11:00a12:00pCompany highlights: AFRL, HanesBrands, Onda Vision
12:00p12:30pLunch & collaborative project
12:30p1:45pResearch updates: Devices & Data
– Implantable devices: Omer Oralkan
– Injectable devices: Alper Bozkurt
– Implantable devices: Michael Daniele
– Physiological monitors: James Dieffenderfer
– Wound healing and flex circuits: Vladimir Pozdin
– Data management for cough detection: Edgar Lobaton
1:45p1:55pCompany highlight: Murata
1:55p2:00pDay 2 wrap-up


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