COVID-19 Unites Us All – Webinar Series


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In April 2020, we announced a partnership with DHIT (the Digital Health Institute for Transformation) to launch the program, COVID-19 Unites Us all. This biweekly webinar series featured panels of thought leaders in digital health, as well as a Virtual Incubator. Participants could submit ideas, review current challenges, comment on others’ ideas, and win resources to advance their proposal!

The Program

Headshots of Michael Levy (DHIT President) and Adam Curry (ASSIST Innovation Ecosystem Director) as moderators of the COVID19 Unites Us All webinar series
graphic of the webinar timeline
5/15Technologies for Remote CareDr. Ben Calhoun – ASSIST Thrust Leader, Low-power Systems-on-Chip
Dr. Michael Daniele – ASSIST Faculty, Low-power Biochemical Sensing
Dr. Jess Jur – ASSIST Faculty, Testbed Wearability & User Experience Leader
Dr. Mehmet Ozturk – ASSIST Deputy Director, Energy Harvesting
5/29Respiratory MonitoringDr. Alper Bozkurt – ASSIST HET Testbed Leader
Stephen LeBoeuf – Valencell (ASSIST industry member)
Dr. Geoffrey Ginsburg – Duke University School of Medicine
6/12Vigilant Cardiac MonitoringDr. Bryon Boulton (MakeMed)
Marc Saab (BML Technology)
Dr. James Dieffenderfer (ASSIST)
6/26Biochemical SensingDr. Stanko Skrtic (AstraZeneca)
Murat Yokus (BioInterface Lab/ASSIST)
Dr. Karen Leitner (Telado Health)
7/10Big Data and Determinants of HealthDr. Gul Ege (SAS)
Dr. Eric Eskioglu (Novant Health)
Brian Carter (Validic)
7/24Progressing Toward AdoptionChris Lamb (Device Solutions)
John Sotomayor (Soto IP)
Dr. Michael Ruhlen (Charlotte AHEC)
8/7Progressing Toward AdoptionKrista Covey (First Flight Venture Center)
Rachel Newberry (RioT)
David Heenan (Cone Health Ventures)

Virtual Incubator

 What’s this virtual incubator? It’s a crowd-sourcing platform to foster idea development. Access it right now at to submit your ideas, review current challenges, comment on others’ ideas, and potentially win resources to advance your proposal! We’ve created this promotional video to better explain our initiative.

Virtual Incubator Winners

After judges reviewed a cohort of competitive and impressive submissions, DHIT and ASSIST are pleased to announce the winners of its program and innovation awards:

  • Team DermiSense has won a grand prize of $5,000 (awarded by Pfizer Digital) for its exceptional proposal using zero power test strips for biofluid extraction. In addition, the team will also receive clinical mentorship from the Charlotte AHEC and an opportunity to pilot its innovation through Cone Health Ventures.
  • For its proposal for AI-driven facial recognition to detect signs of illness, Team HbLiVe will receive product design consulting from Device Solutions, intellectual property strategic consulting from SotoIP, and an opportunity to pilot its innovation through Cone Health Ventures. Finally, they have also won entry as a finalist for the RioT Accelerator Program.
  • Team iReflexion will have the opportunity to collaborate with ASSIST on its wearable to measure stress through heart rate variability. They will also receive clinical mentorship from Charlotte AHEC.
  • Team FASTR will receive a free membership to First Flight Venture Center’s Hangar6 for tools to generate its first prototype.
  • Team etectRx has won entry as a finalist for the RioT Accelerator Program for its digital pill for reliable remote ingestion monitoring.
  • One last team also won entry as a finalist for the RioT Acclerator Program for a wearable solution to monitor real-time social distancing.

Please click here to access the official press release.