Advisory Boards

There are two boards (SMM and IAB) ASSIST leadership interacts with for guidance and discussion on research strategy, Testbeds, and to review its progress. Intentional efforts are made to identify diverse individuals across the industry, scientific, military, and medical spaces who can offer their expertise to ASSIST’s mission.

Scientific Medical and Military (SMM) Advisory Board

ASSIST’s SMM board consists of academicians and professionals with experience on technical topics of importance to ASSIST. The SMM board includes:

  • Technology area experts (electronics, energy harvesting, sensors etc.)
  • Application area experts including medical, military, IoT, and data
  • Academicians

The SMM delivers strong expertise and leadership to the Center, and has validated ASSIST’s vision as compelling and its research projects and Testbed definitions as impactful. The entire SMM board meets annually in addition to several smaller scale meetings arranged throughout the year as needed. The SMM serves the following critical functions:

  • Input in technology development, Testbed refinement, strategic plans, and review proposals for funding from NIH, DoD, and other sources
  • Leveraging board members’ knowledge to understand research scope necessary to understand the economic ecosystem of Testbed devices
  • Providing access to leverage existing or imminently available knowledge and technologies that complement Center capabilities
  • Contributing to the overall research strategy and portfolio of the Center
  • Offering ideas and feedback as specialists on specific topics, aiding in keeping the Center’s research valid amongst existing and rising market needs
  • Helping ASSIST expand its research goals through new applications and use cases
  • Opening doors to recruit new industry collaborators
  • Connection of Center technologies to military applications
  • Advising on the Center’s strategic plan and regularly evaluating progress

Industry Advisory Board (IAB)

The IAB is comprised of professionals representing the ASSIST member companies at Full and Associate membership tiers. In addition to providing advice, feedback, and guidance to ASSIST, the IAB reviews research proposals and contributes to the proposal selection process. The IAB also engages with students through a variety of activities including: industry luncheons, participating in workshops, internship opportunities, etc. In addition to monthly calls with the Industry Liaison Officer, the board meets in person semi-annually.