Alex Hsain wins 1st place at,IMPACT Award at 2016 Appalachian Energy Summit

ASSIST is proud to extend a hearty congratulations to Alex Hsain for winning 1st place in the undergraduate research poster competition at the 2016 Appalachian Energy Summit. Hsain was also named the inaugural recipient of the Energy Summit IMPACT award.

A junior majoring in Materials Science and Engineering, Hsain received funding for her work from the Undergraduate Research Fellows program at ASSIST. She is one of several students collaborating on research led by Michael Dickey, an ASSIST-funded researcher and professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering at NCSU.

For more information about Hsain and her research into energy harvesting via reverse electrowetting, visit the NCSU Sustainability blog to read an extended profile.

The Appalachian Energy Summit, hosted annually by Appalachian State University, gathers sustainability leaders from industry, academic institutions nationwide, and all 17 campuses in the UNC system to present research, collaborate, and deliver “meaningful ecological, economic, and social benefits.”