MANN + HUMMEL Joins ASSIST – January 15, 2015

MANN+HUMMEL, a German based front-runner in automotive filtration andimages components research and production, has joined ASSIST as an Industry Member.  Possessing over 70 years of expertise in the filtration realm, MANN+HUMMEL leads the way in research and development of new, continually growing applications of filter elements.  As a leader in both the automotive and engineering industries, MANN+HUMMEL’s joining of the ASSIST Center was only logical.
While having a scope of research directed toward healthcare, ASSIST partners with companies from every industry, small and large, to advance the research and innovation produced within the Center. While ASSIST has a goal of improved personal healthcare through leveraging wearable nanotechnologies, the Center thrives off of outside industry applications for the research being completed.
MANN+HUMMEL joins 24 other partner Industry members, some of which include: Coca Cola, 3D Systems, Samsung, and Device Solutions.  Partnership with outside companies continues to fuel the growth of the ASSIST Center while offering first-rate benefits. If you are interested in partnering with, sponsoring or joining the ASSIST Center, please contact Tom Snyder ( for more information.
The NSF Nanosystems Engineering Research Center (NERC) for Advanced Self-Powered Systems of Integrated Sensors and Technologies (ASSIST) develops and employs nano-enabled energy harvesting, energy storage, nanodevices, and sensors to create innovative, battery-free and body-powered wearable health monitoring systems. This center of excellence received funding from the National Science Foundation (NSF) in 2012 for five years of research, and this funding willbe renewable for another five years in 2017.
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