Wearable Self-Powered Adaptive Platform

ASSIST’s Self-powered Adaptive Platform (SAP) systems integrate ASSIST’s low-power sensors, low-power electronics, and energy-harvesting technologies into unique self-powered wearable devices – devices powered by body heat or body motion, for example.

ASSIST’s SAP systems are being developed in multiple generations, each supporting a different use case.  The first-generation SAP system supports individuals at risk for atrial fibrillation by providing vigilant electrocardiogram (ECG) monitoring through a self-powered ECG-monitoring shirt.  The SAP shirt combines breakthroughs in low-power consumption computing and communication; flexible antennas; thermal energy harvesting; supercapacitor-based energy storage; and smart textiles.

Subsequent SAP generations will build on the advances realized through ASSIST’s Health and Environmental Tracker (HET) systems.  These systems will, therefore, support asthma management, diet management, and wound care.