ASSIST Tech Showcase and Annual Industry Meeting

Welcome ASSIST Guests and Industry Members !
Registration is open for everyone to attend the 2021 ASSIST Showcase on February 11 !
ASSIST Industry Members are invited to the full Annual Industry Meeting running through February 11 and 12.

Event Overview (Full agenda follows News and Announcements)

Thursday, Feb 11, 2021

  • Opening & ASSIST Showcase open to Members & Non-members
  • Remaining sessions are Members-only
  • Updates on energy harvesting, smart textiles, biochemical sensing, and optical sensing

Friday, Feb 12, 2021

  • All sessions are Members-only
  • Industry Advisory Board meeting
  • Student poster session
  • Industry expo & networking
  • Updates on low-power electronics; system prototyping; and physiological, breath, and environmental sensing

News and Announcements

New this year, ASSIST is opening the first session of its annual industry meeting to non-members, free of charge!  

Join this virtual showcase to learn about ASSIST’s revolutionary self-powered systems, the technologies that enable them, and how your organization can benefit from working with ASSIST.  The session will include an overview of ASSIST’s research programs and demonstrations of some of ASSIST’s most innovative technologies.

Event Agenda

Thursday, Feb 11, 2021

9:00 am1:00 pmPre-meeting Networking – Email to arrange
1:00 pm2:30 pmOpening and ASSIST Showcase (Open to non-members)
2:30 pm3:35 pmEnergy Harvesting and Smart Textiles (Members only)
1.       Flexible thermoelectrics & Self-powered adaptive platform (Mehmet Ozturk, NCSU)
2.       Foot-based energy harvesting (Susan Trolier-McKinstry, PSU)
3.       Soft wearable mechanical energy harvester (Michael Dickey, NCSU)
4.       RF harvesting & wound monitoring (Shubhendu Bhardwaj, FIU)
5.       Smart garment advancements (Jess Jur, NCSU)
6.       Lactate biofuel sensor (Koji Sode, UNC)
3:35 pm3:50 pmBreak
3:50 pm4:40 pmBiochemical and Optical Sensing (Members only)
1.       Biochemical and optical sensing platform (Michael Daniele, NCSU)
2.       Osmotic sweat sample collection (Orlin Velev, NCSU)
3.       Neuropeptide-Y detection (Spyros Pavlidis, NCSU)
4.       Associated projects (Michael Daniele, NCSU)
5.       Associated projects (Alper Bozkurt, NCSU)
4:40 pm5:00 pmDay 1 Wrap-up (Members only)

Friday, Feb 12, 2021

9:00 am11:00 amIndustry Advisory Board meeting (Members only)
11:00 am12:00 pmStudent poster session (Members only)
12:00 pm12:30 pmIndustry expo and networking (Members only)
12:30 pm1:00 pmBreak
1:00 pm2:00 pmLow Power Electronics and System Prototyping
1.       Low power SoC and Radio (Ben Calhoun, UVA)
2.       Low power implanted devices (Yaoyao Jia, NCSU; Omer Oralkan, NCSU)
3.       Flexible, wearable antennas (Douglas Werner, PSU)
4.       Flexible circuits (Vladimir Pozdin, FIU)
5.       High performance supercapacitors (Ram Rajagopalan, PSU)
6.       Rapid prototyping (Michael Lim, NCSU)
2:00 pm2:10 pmBreak
2:10 pm2:45 pmPhysiological, Breath, and Environmental Sensing
1.       New applications of physiological sensors (Veena Misra, NCSU; Alper Bozkurt, NCSU)
2.       Breath-based diagnostics (Veena Misra, NCSU; Bongmook Lee, NCSU)
3.       Clinical application of ASSIST systems (Edgar Lobaton, NCSU)
2:45 pm3:00 pmWrap-up
3:00 pm5:00 pmOpen for networking

For Faculty and Student Presenters

Key dates:

February 4, 11:00 am – 2:00 pm: Zoom meeting for presenting students to record videos. Students will be assigned a 30-minute block.

February 8, 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm: Hopin meeting setup for faculty presenters. Each presenter must join during this time window – should take 5-15 minutes.

Links to resources:
Student slide template
Faculty slide template

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Contact Us

Please contact Adam Curry at with any questions regarding the industry meeting.