2020 Wearable Device Challenge

Due to the Coronavirus, we had to cancel our in-person live event scheduled for April 15, 2020 at Hunt Library. However, this event is now fully virtual. Please review our new event information below. For any questions, please contact us at assistcenter@ncsu.edu or directly contact our Education Director, Dr. Elena Veety.

++ New Submission Deadline ++

All entries (see submission form below) are now due on May 5 at midnight to give students more time to complete their projects.

Submit your Entries

Please upload a PDF file of your poster, a video or paper advertising campaign, and a 3-5 minute video presentation of your device. Our virtual judges will use the same judging rubric as in previous years, so please ensure that your video covers all of the categories in the rubric, since judges won’t be able to ask questions.  

  • Enter the name of your school.
  • Enter the First and Last name of your teacher.
  • Please enter your teacher's email address.
  • Enter the first and last name of every member of your team.
  • Type the name of your Wearable Device group or the name of your wearable device.
  • Accepted file types: pdf.
  • If you created a video of your advertising campaign insert the link to your video here.
  • If you created a document for your advertising campaign upload it here.
  • Your video should meet all the components of the scoring rubric that is not shown on your poster. Detail how your device works, the target audience, how it helps with a condition, etc. Limit 3-5 minutes. This is not a link to your ad campaign.